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  • Text editor Microsoft Word.
  • Format 4.
  • Margins 2 cm everywhere.
  • Type Times New Roman (if you need you can use any type you like, if the type you use is rare, you'd better send it in a separate file).
  • Type size 14.
  • Line spacing 1.5.
  • Indentation 1.25.
  • Alignment portrait, without page numbers, hyphenations, footnotes.
  • Equation editor one of Microsoft Office (or MathType).
  • Diagrams, tables and drawings black-and-white without coloured filling. Crosshatching is allowed.
  • Abstract.
  • Key words and phrases.
  • First and patronymic name, surname of the author(s), full name of the organization the author(s) work(s) in, e-mail flush left, in italics, in lower case letters.
  • Article heading centered, without indent, in capital letters. Then the article follows.
  • References in the text must have the following format: [1, p. 195].
  • Bibliographic list, arranged according to the operating Russian State Standard (, is placed in alphabet order at the end of the article.

    Standard Design of the Paper

    Historical Sciences and Archeology

    The article examines the medical culture of the Volga Germans-Herrnhuters, who founded a community in Sarepta. Itisshown that itwas distinguished by thescientific approach to medical treatment, control over thepersons providing medical care, the availability of medicine, the propaganda of personal hygiene rules, thedevelopment of pharmacy and chemists business, the competent use of the aboriginal nomadic peoples experience. The system to maintain health and propagate the healthy life style that was developed by the Herrnhuters is considered asaprototype of a quite perfect socially oriented health care model.

    Key words and phrases: medical culture; the Volga Germans; the Herrnhuters; Sarepta; sanitary norms; healthy life style.

    Belova Lyubov' Ivanovna, Ph. D. in History
    Chernysheva Irina Valer'evna, Ph. D. in Philosophy
    Cheremushnikova Irina Kabdrakhimovna, Doctor in Philosophy, Associate Professor
    Volgograd State Medical University;;


    Medical culture may be


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    2. Bigsby C. W. E. A Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama. Cambridge University Press, 1984. Vol. 2. Williams, Miller, Albee. 364 p.
    3. Lakoff G., Johnson M. Metaphors We Live by. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980. 276 p.
    4. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. 4th, new ed. Harlow: Longman, 2003. 1949 p.
    5. Nicolich . 1968: Student Protest in Yugoslavia // New Politics. 1989. Vol. 2. 3. P. 7-12.

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Pedagogy. Issues of Theory and Practice
Philological Sciences. Issues of Theory and Practice
Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice

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Procedure of Scientific Articles Publication
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