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How to Publish Your Article

Rules of Reviewing
Scientific Articles. Format Requirements


You should send your application for publishing an article by e-mail to the appropriate address of the journal. We ask all the authors to follow this requirement as it helps us work quicker. Publication is paid; you can get the information about the cost and ways of payment by e-mail. E-mail addresses for sending applications and other questions are on the web pages dedicated to our periodicals.

You need to send the following:

  1. Personal information:
    1. Surname, first and patronymic name.
    2. Academic degree (if any). If you have an academic degree (Ph. D.), you should send a scanned copy of the confirmatory document.
    3. Academic rank (if any).
    4. Workplace.
    5. Position.
    6. Postal address with postal code (for sending you an issue of the journal).
    7. E-mail.
    8. Phone number.
    9. The title of the journal you send your article to.
    10. The title of the article.

  2. The text of the scientific article

Rules of Reviewing

  • The editorial board review all the received materials corresponding to the subject matter of the journal with the purpose of their peer review. On the basis of the reviewers’ conclusions the editorial staff has the right to accept for publication, send for improvement or reject the materials sent by the authors.
  • All the reviewers are acknowledged specialists in the subject matter of the reviewed materials and have had published works on the research area of the article under review for the last three years. The reviews are kept by the publishers and the editorial staff for five years.
  • External reviews are not taken into account.
  • The Publishers have the right not to consider the articles of the authors whose materials were declined more than once.
  • The Publishers do not accept the articles for consideration that have been published before. An article must have minimum 75% of new text.
  • The articles are reviewed for 7 working days.
  • The articles are evaluated according to the following criteria: the suitability of article heading to its content; topicality; scientific originality; practical value; the choice of key words and phrases; the suitability of references to research area; research object; the logic and interconnection of the presented material; the formulation of conclusions; content quality.
  • Assessments according to each criterion are written in a review with comments if they are necessary.
  • The Editorial Board make the following conclusions: the article is recommended for publication; the article needs additional work; the article is declined.
  • The Editorial Board of the journal send the reviews copies or reasoned refusal to the authors of the presented materials.
  • All the reviews are kept by the Editorial Staff and may be sent to Oversight Body when getting the corresponding inquiry.

Scientific Articles. Format Requirements

  • Text editor – Microsoft Word.
  • Format – А 4.
  • Margins – 2 cm everywhere.
  • Type – Times New Roman (if you need you can use any type you like, if the type you use is rare, you'd better send it in a separate file).
  • Type size – 14.
  • Line spacing – 1,5.
  • Indentation – 1,25.
  • Alignment – portrait, without page numbers, hyphenations, footnotes.
  • Equation editor – one of Microsoft Office (or MathType).
  • Diagrams, tables and drawings – black-and-white without coloured filling. Crosshatching is allowed.
  • Abstract.
  • Key words and phrases.
  • First and patronymic name, surname of the author(s), full name of the organization the author(s) work(s) in, e-mail – flush left, in italics, in lower case letters.
  • Article heading – centered, without indent, in capital letters. Then the article follows.
  • References in the text must have the following format: [1, p. 195].
  • Bibliographic list, arranged according to the operating state standard, is placed at the end of the article.

Comments on our work are welcomed. You can send them by the following e-mail:

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